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Labour of Love


The Shed

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park



Labour of Love – a project to celebrate the working lives of 170 park visitors, East London residents and workers. For three months, the artist was in residence in The Shed to survey how people's lives have been transformed by work, both paid and unpaid, and create artworks in the form of Labour of Love Curriculum Vitae files and a limited-edition publication in response to the park encounters.


Curriculum Vitae, meaning ‘course of life’, is a document that simply demonstrates how one’s life changes and in its most essential and minimal form, shows how we transform basic survival into purpose and identity, giving shape and meaning to our existence.


Labour of Love also revisits Henry Mayhew’s London’s Labour and London’s Poor, a social survey published in 1861 focusing on 1800’s occupations in London, such as Patterer, Long Song Seller and Flusherman – jobs that no longer exist. 


Labour of Love was commissioned as part of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s Local Programme, which aims to support local artists, organisations and audiences connect with the Park and shape its future.




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