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OoPPs: Out-of-Print Projects

OoPPs:Out-of-Print Projects aims to revive out-of-print publications for reading, review and reuse.


A programme of activities has included a blog (2008-2012) to review OOP titles, live events inspired by OOP material and a reading salon to discuss neglected books.


In collaboration with Venn Street Market, OoPPs published Puddings & Pies, a limited edition book of winter recipes to sell at a Christmas market, which included both recipes from stallholders and from OOP cookery books in the artist's collection. The endpapers of the new publication were made from old cookery books.


Slet: Architecture & Exercise, with Felicity Croydon, made use of out-of-print keep-fit and Czech Sokol manuals as source material for several live exercise events at sites of Modernist architecture in London & Norfolk.


Future publications are planned as companion books to out-of-print titles.


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