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Labour of Love Residency

Only one more week left in the Labour of Love shed!

Visitors are welcome to pop in anytime this Thursday, Friday or Saturday 11am-4pm. The shed is watertight and even has a heater to huddle around. It's actually quite snug!

There are almost 150 CV files by Labour of Love participants to browse, archival images of the workers in the area and a display of hard hat designs by young people who have visited the shed.

All visitors are encouraged to take part in the project by talking about their working lives and sharing the odd anecdote. As it's January, traditionally a month for making plans, I will be focusing on work of the future - the immediate future and ten years down the line. I would love to hear your plans.

For myself, I have a future dream to live on an island, something like Tove Jansson's residence, writing short Sci-Fi stories looking even further into the future.

Other work-related themes I'd like to explore are 'tea-breaks and staff rooms' - a place where a lot of interesting interactions take place. Hope to see you in the shed soon.

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