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Wabi-char, Blackpool

In 16th century Japan, Sen no Riky­u developed wabi-cha, the ceremony in which tea is made, served and drunk as a simple ritual for body and mind – wabi meaning beauty found in simple things and cha meaning tea. The Wabi-char project surveys and celebrates the aesthetics of tea drinking, adapting some of the principles of Japanese wabi-cha to explore regional and individual tea rituals in Blackpool & Wyre.

Over the summer of 2015 I will be talking to tea-drinkers and documenting their teapots and teacups, favourite blends and the best company to share a brew with, highlighting the important social role that tea plays in everyday community life. A series of chap-books or pamphlets will be produced to present these unique tea-drinking rituals and then distributed at various art and community events.

At a final Banquet event, I will be serving tea in small ceremonies inspired by my tea encounters with residents of Blackpool & Wyre.

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Commissioned by LeftCoast for Banquet.

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